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You have clicked this link so you have some questions in your mind about Nursing. In this article you are going to learn Nursing questions and answers. After reading this article most of your questions will be solve if your queries don’t solve, feel free to comment bellow.

Questions :–

Can I get government job in another state after passing form west Bengal nursing college?

Ans- Yes ,you can get government job in another state after passing form west Bengal Nursing college but you need to register for that state.

I studied Nursing in one state can I get government job in other state?

Ans-If you compete your Nursing course from one state and you want to pursue your career in another state it’s possible. You need to register for that state.

How to get other state Nursing license?

Ans- You needs to fill the application form and submit with valid documents and fees. For Different state different fees and documents applicable . After few days submitting application for you will be registrar for that state.

Types of nursing courses?


Courses   Duration Examination Registration
Auxiliary Nurse and midwife (ANM) 2 Years Nursing examination board R.ANM
General nursing and Midwifery (GNM) 3 Years Nursing examination board R.N and R.M
B.SC (Basic) 4 Years University R.N and R.M
B.SC (Post basic) Regular 2 years

Duration 3 years

University Additional qualification
M.SC 2 Years University Additional qualification
M Phil 1 year (full time)

2 years (part time)

University Additional qualification
Phd 3-5 years University Additional qualification



Jobs can be applicable after nursing

There are various jobs available you can apply after nursing.

  • Teacher in nursing
  • Deputy nursing superintendent
  • Military nurse
  • Director of nursing
  • Community health nurse
  • Nursing superintendent
  • Nursing supervisor or word sister
  • Department supervisor
  • Industrial Nurse
  • Assistant nursing superintendent
  • Nursing service administrators
  • Staff nurse
Salaries of nursing staff

Salaries of nursing staff depend upon various factors like Course you completed, experience, Institution you are working.

  • Generally average salary of a fresher nurse in India around 2.5lakh to 3.5 lakh annually .
  • Experience Nurse can earn 7.5 lakh to 8.5 lakh annually .


Hope this Nursing questions and answers article will help you .If you have any queries feel free to comment bellow.

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